Our Webinars and Events

Increase your knowledge about the most important topics of digitalization by checking out our webinars. You can even sign up to all future webinars for free and check out recordings of those which have already taken place. We would also love to meet you at global events or at our headquarters in Nuremberg at one of our ProcessTuesday events, the process management community.

MID speaks at “Product People” Conference

Product owners, product managers, business analysts and interested stake­holders from product and service de­ve­lop­ment met in Cologne for an informal get-together. We presented one talk.


Agile Transformation Exhibition in Munich

Hood GmbH organized a one-off exhibition in May about agile trans­for­mation; MID provided their support as long-standing partners. You can read about the stands in various blog entries.


Smartfacts at prostep ivip Symposium

MID GmbH presented its own model-based systems engineering tool, Smartfacts, at the two day symposium in Stuttgart. We also had our own stand at the conference.


MID GmbH at REConf® 2019 in Munich

MID GmbH had its own stand at the 18th REConf® in Munich and also held two interesting talks about “Linked Data in Systems Engineering” and “Agility and Modeling or Agility vs. Modeling?”.

MID GmbH: Fachvortrag Berliner RE Symposium

Berliner Requirements Engineering Symposium 2022

MID participated at this year’s event anniversary special with an exciting talk on “RE meets Agile: how Agile Requirements Engineering can Support you during Product Planning”.


CPOs@BPM&O – Digitalization and Automation

MID brought along both an exciting talk to the CPOs@BPM&O at Flora, Cologne, and some exciting news. Find out what it has to do with our green logo in our tool family.


Lean EAM Conference 2018 in Munich

The motto of the event was “EAM – Digitalization Success Factor” and Andreas Ditze showed visitors the right ingredients to use for an Enterprise Architecture repository.


MID and Smartfacts at EMEASEC/TdSE 2018

The Systems Engineering day (TdSE) was showcased for the first time this year together with the INCOSE European Middle East and Africa Conference (EMEASEC) in Berlin.


14th Knowledge Management Days in Stuttgart

MID held two talks at the knowledge management days in Stuttgart and gave the visitors a taster into decision documentation and effective onboarding for new colleagues.