REConf® 2019 – Industry Event for RE

This was the 18th time the REConf has taken place in Munich. It is established as one of the largest European conferences in the area of requirements management. Anyone who is anyone in the RE community was there to discuss current and future trends in requirements engineering. Visitors were treated to many talks and a broad spectrum of workshops, panel discussions and open space. Notable product manufacturers and providers within the industry presented at the large exhibition.

Exciting MID Talks

We also had a stand at the large exhibition. We also held two exciting talks within the conference program. Managing director, Andreas Ditze and Smartfacts product owner, Christoph Bergner, spoke on the topics “Improving Tool Interoperability with Linked Data in Systems Engineering and Fulfilling Traceability Requirements (e.g. ISO 26262) Using a Concrete Example”. The talk used an example to show how a pragmatic Linked Data approach and OSLC can be used to link various tools to provide information traceability and allow them to work with each other. The second talk “Agility vs Modeling or Agility and Modeling?” was held by our lead consultant, Michel Gourmet. He showed that agility and modeling do not necessarily have to cancel each other out.