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Become partners with MID – the experts for business process management, data, enterprise architecture management and model-based systems engineering. You can benefit from numerous possibilities to use our software, profit from our extensive knowledge and enjoy transparent communication. Become our business partner, regardless of the size of your company or field, and let’s work together to promote products or technologies. Or why not use the chance and set the foundations for more practical orientation within your college and become our academic partner? You decide.

Use the Chance and become our Business Partner

As business partner with MID, you can discover new possibilities to grow together and continuously improve your knowledge and range of services and increase your turnover.

Your Benefits as MID's Partner

Profit from our expertise in a close and trusting collaboration. We believe knowledge benefits from being shared - increase your expertise with our targeted training held by our homegrown Academy and let our consultants share their best practice experiences with you. As MID's business partner, you can enjoy cross-sellings and increase your customer base. Use our software products for sustainable promotion of digitalization for your customers - we provide smart solutions making us always one step ahead of the game when it comes to digital transformation. Let's get going - together!

We look forward to working with you!

It looks like you're interested in working with us - that's great news! That is the first step in the right direction. The next step is to simply click on the button below and get in contact with us. We'll then get in contact with you to discuss all the general conditions. We look forward to your message!

    I think our partnership-based collaboration is what makes our business relationships so special. We enjoy a personal yet professional level of contact with both our customers and partners. It makes us a powerful ally you enjoy seeing.

    Carsten Wehner, Head of Sales


    Become Academic Partner and gain Practical Experience

    Our academic program, MID Academic Alliance Program, offers you an active approach to education and gains you practical experience in your education.

    Your Benefits as MID's Partner

    Profit from our many years of expertise and collaborate with us at a personal level. We will work closely to give you practical experience and share our knowledge with you, whether that be directly using our tools or learning about the methodology behind them. This can either take place in the form of guest talks, lectures or workshops. We will provide you with a full version of our software products free of charge. This means you can use the tool to its full capacity and also have limitless free access to our technical hotline. We will also be happy to help with any dissertations and offer students the opportunity to get practical experience within our company.

    We Look forward to working with you!

    Join our MID Academic Alliance Program and let's shape the IT specialists of tomorrow, today. If you are interested in working with us, then simply click on the button below and get in contact with us. We'll then get in contact with you to discuss all the general conditions. We look forward to your message!

      Which of our products would you like to use?

      Andreas Ditze | MID GmbH

      The interchange between academic education and practical learning is what makes the MID Academic Alliance Program so special. The program has great options for bringing theory and practice together, meaning every avenue of further education can benefit from this. I think it’s great that we can help the next generation of upcoming IT specialists.

      Andreas Ditze, Managing Director


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