One-Time Agile Transformation Exhibition

Hood GmbH invited visitors to a special event in Munich on May 8. An exhibition about agile transformation with the exciting title “Trade-Off Between Change and Stability within the Company”. We were delighted to help our long-standing partners at their after work event. Around 30 guests were welcomed to the event, which kicked off with a guided tour of the exhibition. The various artists presented their work to the public. This was then followed by a BBQ on the roof terrace, where everyone had a chance to get together and chat about agile transformation. This informal chat about the inspiration gleaned from the evening went on until late into the evening.

MID Provided 3 Stands

The exhibition consisted of 7 stands or pieces of art which covered various topics centered around the main topic “Agile Transformation”. Our key visual was a bamboo plant: this plant mobilizes its strength purposefully. Bamboo can produce vibrant green leaves throughout the year. We used our exhibition artwork to discuss the topics values, mindset, visions, leadership and coaching, which all make transformation possible. MID provided two pieces of art and collaborated on a third. Our artists were our consultants Claudia Kausch, Carsten Müller and Helmut Thies. The Hood blog published blog entries about each of these 7 stands so you can experience these pieces of artwork again and again.
Why Agile? (Hood)
Agile Leadership (Hood)
The Iceberg (Hood)
The Vision (MID)
Protecting from Waterfall (MID)
6 Theatre Improv Rules (MID and Hood Collaboration)
The Beehive (Hood)

„It was a fascinating event about agile transformation. The stands were interesting and their core messages really gave you food for thought. It was a successful evening and I managed to do a lot of networking!“

Sabrina Modrow, Team Lead Marketing