Nuremberg, December 4, 2019 – The latest version of MID GmbH’s modeling tool, Innovator, brings with it improved analysis of model relationships and a powerful search function. The software also supports the latest standard of decision automation.

The Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite provides companies with the ability to map and document information, functions and processes from all areas of the company using one single tool. Modelers can use the modeling language which best suits them and their area of expertise and can depict dependencies and similarities across all departments. The new version brings with it many improvements to functions.

Dynamic Analysis for Model Relationships

Innovator version 14.2’s central new feature is impact analysis more model relationships and provides many configuration and evaluation options. Complex model relationships can now also be displayed transitively making it easier for all target groups to understand. The automated traceability and visualization of data origin at an attribute level is another advantage of the new impact analysis. This data lineage provides users with the assurance that their analysis data is accurate and informative. Analysis can be carried out as often as required and accessed by other users at any time, as impact analysis can be stored as a diagram.

Powerful Search for Analysis and Model Maintenance

Innovator version 14.2 now contains an improved search function. Users can search for redundant model elements when cleaning up the model by searching for certain relationships and constellations within the model. You can also easily find frequently-used elements for targeted editing. A query language based on SQL allows even complex composite search expressions to be formulated. Dynamic suggestion lists and auto fill provides the user with efficient search methods. Stored searches can be made available for all users throughout the models so that less experienced users can also profit from the improved search.

Optimized Modeling with DMN 1.2

Innovator 14.2 supports the current DMN 1.2 standard when modeling decisions. This makes DMN modeling quicker and more efficient; current functions such as decision services can be used. FEEL functions have also been extended and can be used by users for effective modeling in their decision graphs. The user can also profit from extended integrated simulation functions. Type incompatibilities can be checked before they are run and more testcases can be simulated in a run through.

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