Innovator 16.0: Don’t Miss Any More Changes to the Model Thanks to E-mail Notifications

Innovator 16.0 is packed full of exciting new features for its users to make modeling even more efficient and flexible.

It is now possible to receive change notifications as e-mails. With Innovator 16.0, users can now be informed about all model changes, if they want. You can individually set how often you wish to receive notifications so that you can either receive them straight away, daily, weekly or monthly. Click on the link in the e-mail to take you to the applicable model with the respective change history. A control mechanism has been added to stop you getting lots of unnecessary notifications (e.g. to say that models have been copied). There is also a new view for notifications to help you view and manage all notifications.

With Innovator 16.0, you can now easily add further information to model elements during modeling. As long as you have the necessary rights, then you can also add stereotype properties, labels or text definitions directly via the wizard. You can also start the wizard from the Properties area. The wizard contains all common settings necessary for a full complement of properties.

Innovator 16.0 makes it easy to migrate existing models into a new Innovator version. You can get started working in a model in the new version in just a view clicks. It’s a good idea for the modeling profiles and application configurations to be up-to-date to tap into the full potential of the new version. You can use a simple dialog to update them, but you must ensure that all previous customizations to a customer-specific modeling methodology don’t get lost. This new feature also helps you to make smaller updates, such as adding Innovator hotfixes.

Many Innovator features have also been analyzed and optimized to increase performance and use within distributed environments (e.g.working from home).

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