Auszeichnung MID GmbH: Beste Berater 2023

Nuremberg, 23. March 2023 – “brand eins” and “Statista” announce this year’s ranking for “Best Consultant 2023”. MID GmbH, with its headquarters in Nuremberg, once again made a splash in the “data analytics/big data” category.

Data as a Strategic Resource

“This award is a nod to our holistic approach in enabling digital transformation of companies. We show our customers how to successfully use their data as a strategic resource, giving them the competitive edge” explained MID GmbH’s managing director, Martin Müller. MID adopts the approach of supporting companies, from analysis and definition, right the way through to successfully establishing a cultural change. Dr. Martin Müller outlined MID’s approach: “We are focused on working through the individual levels with our clients, assessing them and then establishing solution approaches tailored towards the respective company. Our success shows: each company is at a different starting point when it comes to their data. We will give our customers the tools they need to becoming a data-driven company; individually-tailored steps which form the whole context.”. Our high-quality consultancy has been proven once again winning the “Best Consultant 2023”. The magazine “brand eins” and “Statista” have once again listed MID GmbH among the best consultants for the 5th time running. Both the experts and MID’s clients considered MID to be a dependable and competent contact partner and has once again proven that data-driven decisions are the key to lasting success.

MID’s successful concept is not simply about providing consultancy. It has many feathers in its cap, including its home-grown IT tools, as well as offering methodology training in the form of its own academy. All these factors enable MID to provide their customers with all the tools they need to be able to tackle future digitalization challenges. “Our quality claim is to give the companies the tools they need to drive their digital transformation and be the best they can in their fields of expertise”. Dr. Martin Müller revealed MID’s secret to their success: “we have all our employees to thank for being voted Best Consultant once again. They are passionate about helping our customers to meet their individual needs when implementing their varied digitalization projects.”

How the Best Consultants 2023 were Selected

The best consultant was chosen according to best practices by Statista GmbH for the magazine “brand eins”; both experts and clients were surveyed. This consisted of 16 branches and 19 business areas which experts make recommendations for consultancy firms.

The methodology used for obtaining data can be seen in detail here:

You can access the complete ranking list here: