Nuremberg, January 29, 2021 – The new software version allows users to automatically synchronize model elements. Innovator can be distributed to client computers quickly and easily. The SAP Solution Manager interface has also been improved.

The Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite provides companies with the ability to map and document information, functions and processes from all areas of the company using one single tool. Modelers can use the modeling language which best suits them and their area of expertise and can depict dependencies and similarities across all departments. The new Innovator 15.0 version now enables redundancy-free models using notations.

Synchronizing Elements via Various Notations

Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite users can now keep even complex models free from redundancies and consistent using various modeling languages (UML, BPMN etc.). Simply set the elements and properties which should be automatically synchronized in the model configuration: you can use the same technical object in enterprise architecture, business process modeling, software architecture or data modeling. This is thanks to Innovator taking the chore of maintaining names, properties, texts and relationships to other objects off the user’s hands.

Simple Installation Thanks to Moder Technology

MID uses the latest Microsoft MSIX installer technology when installing Innovator on user’s client computers. Thanks to native support with Windows 10, Innovator distribution can be carried out completely virtually within the company, free from side effects and with a fully-automated update mechanism. This guarantees an uninterrupted and secure operation for all employees within the company. Changing to the Microsoft.NET Core runtime environment brings with it improvements to security and performance for the Innovator desktop application.

Optimized SAP Solution Manager Interface

Business processes modeled in Innovator can be exported to the SAP Solution Manager in just a few easy clicks. The interface for this has been extensively overhauled. Users can now check whether changes to be made are correct. SAP library elements can also be synchronized with Innovator for reuse in processes.

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