Nuremberg, May 13, 2020 – With its new release, MID GmbH now supports all EU languages, as well as Russian and Turkish and enables modeling in these languages as well. It is easy to produce translations within the tool itself or via external services.

The Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite provides companies with the ability to map and document information, functions and processes from all areas of the company using one single tool. Modelers can use the modeling language which best suits them and their area of expertise and can depict dependencies and similarities across all departments. The new version brings with it many improvements to functions vis-a-vis multiple languages.

Innovator Supports More Languages

The May 11, 2020 release of Innovator 14.3 brings with it Innovator’s ability to support all EU languages, including languages of candidate countries within the European Union, as well as Russian and Turkish. Model content can be fully displayed in the supported languages. It is possible to translate created diagrams, properties and texts of model elements, as well as information in modeling profiles or the meta model. The original process modeling now also no longer needs to be solely in English or German, as was previously the case. This makes it easy to provide models for stakeholders and users in their preferred language and allows them to be used in an international environment.

Improved Translation Workflow

Innovator’s integrated translation function has been extended to enable even simpler production and maintenance of translations. The amount of elements which can be translated has been significantly increased and now includes text properties and specification texts. It is now even easier to maintain and manage translation states and translation itself is clear and easy.
External translations via translation agencies or web services, such as DeepL, is now also easier in Innovator 14.3. Translations can now be automated in Innovator’s translation window via a web service. You can use the import/export function for external translation agencies which do not have access to Innovator. You can export content in various file formates (e.g. Excel, XML, CSV) and reimport them once they have been translated.

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