Nuremberg, April 2, 2019 – The Nuremberg software and consulting company’s release of the latest version of the modeling tool, Innovator, brings with it automation of complex decisions in business processes. Version management has also been overhauled and further various modeling languages are now also supported.

The Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite provides companies with the ability to map and document information, functions and processes from all areas of the company using one single tool. Modelers can use the modeling language which best suits them and their area of expertise and can depict dependencies and similarities across all departments. The new version brings with it many improvements to functions and modeling options.

Powerful Version Management for Teams

Innovator 14.1 now enables full version management of models directly via the client. This enables teams to gear their development processes to their work on their models independently and flexibly. This supports both the integrated merge function, as well as agile working methods and publication of released model states. Improved backend management ensures team productivity. The server can be reset to backups determined by the user at the touch of a button.

Business Decisions Under Control

The potential in the digital transformation of business processes is largely drawn from automated decisions. This starts with a simple completeness verification and then leads to behavioral prediction from the company’s data mining. Innovator enables a company constant control of all decisions. Full DMN support enables business processes to be optimized even more using the tool. The completely overhauled interfaces allow for decisions to be made quickly and effectively within the team. Innovator can always establish relationships with business processes, enterprise architecture, databases and BI within the company. The integrated simulation function enables decisions to be checked with data whilst modeling is still being carried out, allowing you to produce a better result, quicker.

Data Exchange in a Flash

It was previously possible for users to create or read any model data with Innovator via a programming interface (API). Version 14.1 makes data exchange more flexible and even easier without any hassle. You can select any model data and export it to Excel to continue editing it there or to carry out a quick evaluation. Data which exists in Excel can also be imported into Innovator to create new elements or modify existing ones.

Describing Enterprise Architectures and Complex Technical Systems

Innovator 14.1 supports the latest ArchiMate 3.1 standard with now even more expression options when modeling Enterprise architectures. The integrated import and export for ArchiMate models gives companies the assurance their need to be able to use Enterprise Architecture independently from the modeling tool. Innovator now also supports SysML 1.5. The modeling tool enables consistent and efficient development of technical systems in the team.

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