Nuremberg, May 27, 2020 – The Jobs function now enables process management in realtime in Bpanda, improving transparency of processes and collaboration between process participants. It is now even easier to recognize and implement optimization potential.

The Nuremberg based company MID GmbH showcases its latest feature: Jobs for the web-based and lightweight BPM tool, Bpanda. It enables the process management software users to carry out and participate live in processes which has already been documented thanks to human workflows. This is another feather in the cap alongside the previous collaboration functionalities provided by the process platform, namely review and Q&A. The aim is to optimize processes as quickly and as continuously as possible.

Jobs Improves Communication and Transparency

All those involved in a process use the Jobs feature to run through each step and those assigned to the task when the process was modeled can carry out that step. Process participants can also see the current operational progress of the process in realtime using the activity stream and can trace all logged activities. Notifications ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date as to when their task can be carried out. These notifications are triggered when a process step is marked as completed and the job can be handed over to the next person for the next step. This enables transparency of process flow for the process users and no information goes missing.

Jobs Analysis enables Process Optimization

The new feature, Jobs, also includes an analysis dashboard in Bpanda. Process owners can use this dashboard to analyze data about all running and completed jobs using lists, key indicators and graphic evaluations (e.g. runtimes). This data and the results gleaned from it are an objective basis for process optimization. This enables companies to create realistic and digital executable process documentation and to continuously optimize it.

Active Implementation of Jobs in Companies

Jobs can be used for many processes within a company. Jobs is a feature designed to support process users when carrying out their processes allowing for communication. This makes Jobs particularly suited to manual or recurring processes or those which require documentation or span various departments. Processes which must keep within deadlines are also suited as these can also be set in Jobs.

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