We are delighted that the framework contract between MID GmbH and the Federal Administration of Switzerland has piqued your interest for our products and services. We have been passionately and competently providing our global customers with digital solution concepts for four decades, supporting them with rollout, migration and implementation. Successful customer projects are thanks to a combination of our tools, our consultants and our own academy department. Our topmost priority is, of course, customer satisfaction and sustainable success.


Our four software products Innovator, Bpanda, Smartfacts and Toolbus provide a comprehensive tool ecosystem for your complete enterprise IT. Interfaces seamlessly connect all tools so that they can be used together.


Armed with their extensive knowledge, our consultants are there to help you implement your projects. We consider our customers to be partners and work together to ensure that improvements are sustainable and drive your business.


Our MID Academy provides practical training (classroom, eTraining, online) and certification for further education for BPM, EAM, data and software development. Of course, we also provide training for our tools, Innovator and Bpanda.

Overview of Our Tools

Our tools Innovator, Bpanda, Smartfacts and Toolbus are used for various implementation scenarios and use cases for digitalization strategies and projects carried out by companies and authorities.

Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite

Innovator enables effective and efficient integration of business and IT thanks to collaborative and parallel work on company-wide models. Enterprise Architecture, processes, IT systems and data models can all be easily mapped in Innovator. Standards such as ArchiMate®, BPMN, DMN, UML, Entity-Relationship and Data Vault are available to the modelers. It is also possible to connect our power tool, Innovator, to Bpanda and Smartfacts using interfaces, connectors etc.

Innovator Enterprise Architect Suite

Innovator Enterprise Architect Suite focuses on enterprise architecture and comprises Innovator editions for enterprise architects, business analysts and software architects. Information from these domains can be efficiently created using an integrated metamodel and merged into one central model. Modelers can seamlessly model enterprise architectures in ArchiMate®and link them with business processes in BPMN 2.0 and software solutions in UML 2.


Bpanda is our lightweight, web-based BPM platform for collaborative, end-to-end process management within the company. Use Bpanda for collaborative development of processes, BPMN 2.0-compliant documentation and publishing of processes. Processes can be shown as linked in process maps and viewed at any time by process users via the responsive web interface. Human workflows enable processes to be carried out in real-time, enabling continuous process optimization. The roles of consumer, contributer and modeler can all be used.


Smartfacts is our web-based platform where you can publish Innovator models to make them accessible to all users, even those without Innovator licenses. Users can easily search and navigate within models. Chats, reviews and comments foster collaboration between users. Model-based information can be linked across models and tools. Smartfacts also enables models from other modeling tools to be published and integrated to well-known collaboration platforms via OSLC connectors.


Toolbus converts models between more than 70 modeling tools in unrivaled quality. ArchiMate®, BPMN, UML, SysML, Entity-Relationship, (e)EPK and many other formats are supported. Use this technology to maintain models across various tools and to migrate modeling tools in the models without investment loss. Toolbus uses tool-internal formats and direct access mechanisms to achieve an extensive migration result, e.g. as XML-based exchange format.

Other Offers Apart from Tools

As well as our tools, we also have a wide range of plug-ins and connectors which enhance the main functions of our respective software products.

OSLC Connector for Jira

Innovator models can be bi-directionally linked with Jira Issues via the OSLC Connector for Jira. Diagrams and model elements can be instantly seen in Jira. It is also possible to open and edit Jira Issues in Innovator. This means that entire Jira projects can be loaded into Innovator to easily create links. Links are based on OSLC and conform to IBM Jazz Architecture standards. The connector is an add-on for Smartfacts.

OSLC Connector for Confluence

Use OSLC Connector for Confluence to reference Innovator models from the Confluence side. This makes diagrams and model elements instantly visible on the Confluence side. You can also zoom, comment and compare diagrams and model elements. The user can decide whether diagrams should be automatically updated or always shown in a specific version. The connector is an add-on for Smartfacts.


Stackfield is a platform for highly-secure inter-organizational collaboration within teams. Chats, phone/video conferences, documents, tasks, time tracking and project management information can be shared in data rooms. External employees can also be easily invited to the data room via e-mail and integrated into the collaborative project work. Stackfield is end-to-end encrypted and boasts a particularly high level of security.

SAP Solution Manager-Schnittstelle

Use the SAP Solution Manager interface to transfer business processes modeled in Innovator to the SAP Solution Manager. Customizable checking logic enables the user to check in advance whether the changes which will be carried out are correct. The interface can also be used for transferring SAP library elements to Innovator so that these elements can be reused in Innovator processes.

Plug-ins für Innovator

Innovator provides practically all functions using programming interfaces, making it fundamentally designed for plug-in extensions. There are already a great many plug-ins for Innovator. These plug-ins provide various customer-specific functions. If you are interested in a particular interface or function enhancement, then please contact us at support@mid.de.