Knowledge Connects – Practical Knowledge Sharing

“Knowledge connects” was this year’s motto for the international conference for applied knowledge management. How companies use knowledge resources was discussed and there was an overview of the current trends and new IT tools/services. The conference ran alongside an exhibition and had an interesting program of talks from 30 speakers about current topics. The event managed to provide pioneering and innovative inspiration for successful knowledge management within companies.

MID Split its Knowledge into Two Talks

MID gave two interesting talks as part of the program. Elmar Nathe, principal consultant for BPM, showed how companies can implement meaningful and comprehensible documentation of decisions in his talk “Documenting Decision Knowledge using BPMN and DMN”. Why is that necessary? – Legal requirements, effective integration of business analytics in business processes, and agility in modern companies all require this stringent documentation. Elmar showed the visitors how to achieve their aims using open BPMN and DMN standards.
Claudia Kausch, managing consultant, discussed the perils of onboarding new colleagues in her talk entitled “Effective Knowledge Transfer when Onboarding New Colleagues”. Claudia showed listeners how to carry out processes true to reality using documented processes and the steps needed to get this off the ground.