Usability Testing and Networking

“Test while you eat” is a point of contact for companies throughout Nuremberg and the surrounding area to get together to test their products they developed and ideas, such as apps, websites or concepts. We were hosting the event this year and welcomed our visitors to the 5th floor of our Nuremberg headquarters. The “je ne sais quoi”: The 6th usability test while you eat event took place within the framework of the Nuremberg Digital Festival.

Get Together to Test: Enjoy Pizza & Beer

Developers and testers came together on the 5th floor of our headquarters to participate in the usability “test while you eat” event in Nuremberg. MID GmbH kicked off the event with a small presentation and then the first test round kicked off. The usability tests were carried out at the same time. There were stations from Brandad, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Isento and we had our own MID station where you could test our products. Once everyone had finished testing the stations out, we got together for a beer and pizza to chat about the successful test evening with the new people we had met. We can’t wait for the next testing event and will definitely be a part of it!

Impressions from 6th Usability Test Dinner at MID