REConf 2024 | MID GmbH

Requirements Engineering – A Constant in Change

The world is becoming ever more complex – and the requirements for product development are changing as a result. Artificial intelligence and new work are challenging systems engineering and requirements engineering on a daily basis. A clear overview of goals and requirements is essential, which is precisely where requirements engineering must come in to help break down complexity and serve as a constant in the face of constant change. This is exactly what REConf 2024 has made its motto. Visitors could look forward to numerous specialist presentations, inspiring keynotes and informative workshops on all relevant topics. MID also participated again as a partner with two specialist presentations.

MID GmbH | Reconf 2024 Christoph Bergner

Cross-Domain Configuration Management (CDCM)

Christoph Bergner, Managing Director of MID, and his colleagues were delighted with the exciting exchange with interested parties from a wide range of industries. Visitors were also able to look forward to two exclusive presentations on MID’s CDCM innovation.

“Cross Domain Configuration Management “CDCM” – cross-domain information management for the development of complex cyber-physical products” was the topic of Christoph Bergner’s first presentation. In it, he explained CDCM in more detail, discussed the potentials and challenges and presented suitable technical solutions. He also highlighted the benefits for related disciplines such as project management and cost estimation.

In the second presentation, “CDCM as a basis for the development process – concept & demo behind the new tool”, we were also able to get visitors excited about CDCM: In a live demo, MID presented a new way of thinking about PLM and showed a tool that automates the management of versioned information in the development process, making it more transparent and helpful to overcome domain silos. The audience was particularly interested in using the tool to optimize the current state of confusing and non-reusable Excel spreadsheets.