IT Jobtag 2024 bei der MID GmbH

Make IT Your Future!

That’s Enough of the Mundane Uni Work… Let’s Get Stuck in to the Practical Side of Things!

Students had the chance to come and be a part of our practical day on March 8. They got to check out what happens in the daily life of a software company and have a little taste of what it’s like to be a consultant or a product owner. They worked together with our consultants to tackle project-based cases to give them an insight into the practical side of things. We also provided them with information on the various career opportunities we offer as intern, student trainee or graduate.

MID GmbH | Nihat Abdal Portrait

“Things kicked off with process modeling. After a brief theoretical introduction, the students could put what they had learned into practice by modeling a process flow for a car rental using BPMN. They then had to digitize the analog process into an application. The students then collected functional and non-functional requirements for the app. They then focused their attention on agility and scrum. We then went into more detail about the most important scrum framework aspects, sprint planning in particular. The students learned the “Planning Poker” methods for this and then worked together to plan the most important requirements for the application, prioritized by the product owner.“

Nihat Abdal, Senior Consultant & People Lead

Impressions from Our Praxistag 2024

You can find a few photos of the highlights here.