MID auf dem Nürnberger Digital Festival 2023

The Nürnberg Digital Festival #nuedigital

Experience the Future with #nuedigital! Discover the latest digital trends, learn from experts and network. Whether business & new work, AI & machine learning, design & UX, culture & society, marketing & communication, coding & dev ops, cyber security & infrastructure, games or sustainability… there is something for everyone!

Master Agile Projects and Easily Model Your First Business Processes

Vortrag Familie Panda und die Welt der Prozesse | Nürnberg Digital Festival 2023

“Dive into the World of Processes with the Panda Family”

Processes are also ubiquitous in our every day lives, not just in our job, even if we don’t perceive them as such. Simply deciding whether to make a pizza yourself is a process. Processes even have their own language that consists of shapes and arrows. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not! The Panda family will show you how easy it is to create your own process using just a few icons.

“Don’t Let too Many Cooks Spoil Communication in IT Projects”

The talk uses the analogy between a project example from agile product development and a professional restaurant business to see things from a different perspective. The challenges faced by various levels of communication are discussed and the talk shows which measures can help to make communication efficient and effective in the respective context. It is then possible for multiple agile teams to work together as one, using agility to their advantage, whilst still being able to plan across the entire product development.

Vortrag Kommunikation in IT Projekten | Nürnberg Digital Festival 2023
MID auf dem Nürnberger Digital Festival 2023

“Agile Project Planning Made Easy – Practical Methodology”

Have you always wanted to know how you can successfully roll out agile planning in your development projects without the need for calculating how many working days they will take and without the need for long Excel sheets with VBA macros? We’ll give you a practical insight into how to achieve this! Discover effective ways of encouraging collaboration between users, specialist departments and the development team; and learn how to understand how to successfully develop your projects as a team.