Innovator Basics

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Overview and Dates

This course will teach you the basics of working with Innovator. Focus is on general handling of the various windows and functions. You will learn how to create your first diagrams and how to navigate through your model – the perfect training so you can use Innovator yourself.

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Do you want to learn the ins and outs of Innovator, our versatile power tool, for modeling your enterprise IT? Then this is the right training for you! We will give you a detailed overview of the user interface and teach you the basics of the Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite. Learn how to navigate through your model efficiently and how to get the most out of the search function. We will also show you how to model your first diagrams on your own and add textual content to existing diagrams and model elements. You will also learn how to export diagrams from Innovator. We will use use case and class diagram examples to teach you the Innovator basics in this course.

Aim of the training: At the end of the course, you will know the basic Innovator functions and be able to navigate easily through your model.

eLearning Training
Methodology This is an online training with training videos and individual exercises on our eLearning platform. Work independently through course material. The course takes place as an interactive training with a trainer. It contains accompanying eLearning, incl. group and individual exercises, live demonstrations and practical exercises.
Duration Approx. 8 hours: You will have access to the digital course documents on our eLearning platform for 90 days. 1 classroom training, either in Nuremberg or at your company workplace. Also possible online.
This course is aimed at:
  • Requirements analysts
  • Technical users
  • System architects
  • Software architects
  • Testers
  • Model readers
  • People who want to use Innovator in their company
No previous knowledge is necessary for this course. It is advantageous to have some previous knowledge of UML diagrams "use case diagrams" and "class diagrams" as these will be used as examples to explain Innovator functions. Our eLearning platform is compatible with both Windows and Mac.