Reading and Understanding UML

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Overview and Dates

This course will teach you the basics of UML as a language for modeling object-oriented software systems. Our trainers will explain the core elements so that you can read and understand UML diagrams.

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Are you a project manager and want to evaluate your employees’ results or are you a software tester and want to create test scenarios based on modeled requirements? Do you prepare documentation or want to verify business concepts? Or are you simply intrigued by the “code language” used by modelers? Then this 1 day method training is right for you! Learn the basic ideas, elements and symbols used in UML notation so that you can read UML diagrams (use case diagrams, class diagrams etc.). This will open up the world of modeling software systems for you.

Aim of the training: At the end of the course, you will be able to read, understand and check basic UML diagrams.

Methodology The course takes place as an interactive training with a trainer. It contains accompanying eLearning, incl. group and individual exercises, live demonstrations and practical exercises.
Duration 1 classroom training, either in Nuremberg or at your company workplace. Also possible online.
This course is aimed at:
  • Project managers
  • Process managers
  • Technical users
  • Testers
  • Technical editors
  • System analysts or those with knowledge of UML
  • People interested in UML notation
No previous knowledge is required for this course. A basic understanding of object orientation and software development are advantageous.