Data Modeling in Innovator 15

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Overview and Dates

This course will teach you how to model data in Innovator. We will show you how to model conceptual schema and database schema using all elements and how to transform models between schema. You require a previous knowledge of databases.

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Are you already familiar with data modeling in the conceptual schema (ERM) and database schema and want to learn how to model data with our modeling tool, Innovator? Then this is the right training for you! We will explain Innovator’s interface and all of its functions you will need when modeling data. We will teach you how to import ER data models or BI models based on existing databases or imported DDLs and how to link these with modeled ETL processes. We will show you how to create data models with Chen notation, James Martin (“crow’s foot”), SERM or DSA notation and how to visualize your database schema in ISO Standard IDEF1X. You will also learn how to map your BI layer architecture within the model and how to create process models (ETLs). We will also show you how to models key figures, hierarchies, dimensions and cubes in Innovator and solidify your theoretical knowledge using practical exercises.

Aim of the training: At the end of the course, you will be able to create and fully model data models in Innovator, as well as transform models between schema.

eLearning Training
Methodology This is an online training with training videos and individual exercises on our eLearning platform. Work independently through course material. The course takes place as an interactive training with a trainer. It contains accompanying eLearning, incl. group and individual exercises, live demonstrations and practical exercises.
Duration Approx. 24 hours: You will have access to the digital course documents on our eLearning platform for 90 days. 2 classroom training days, either in Nuremberg or at your company workplace. Also possible online.
This course is aimed at:
  • System architects
  • Software architects
  • Data modelers
  • Project managers
  • BI modelers
  • Analysts
  • Technical users
  • People who have an Innovator license and want to model data within their company
You require a basic knowledge of data modeling and database schema. Our eLearning platform is compatible with both Windows and Mac.